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Find yourself a surface that is roughly at hip-height. Hi Mary, Try some of these positions in the anal sex positions article: Milking the prostate of a man also gets them off very quickly. Amp it up another level with the Upside-Down But if you're looking for a great lubricant perfect for any position you're trying out, this water-based formula takes just about any position to the next level.

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What are the easiest positions thatll keep him….

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Best Sex Positions To Improve Your Sex Life

Let's check it out. The grounded cousin of Doggy Style, and perhaps a tribute to Bill Murray She should slide her butt forwards a little bit until you can slide inside her. This position not only accesses the G-spot and the A-spot to create squirting orgasms but it's also comfortable for the female partner after switching into several positions. I dnt know how to if I dont pleasure him first. You control the thrusting in this position, because generally keeping her balance is going to be enough of a challenge in itself. Hi Gabrielle, the answer is that it all depends.

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hd sex position s for better sex
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hd sex position s for better sex
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