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Pornography in photographic form followed shortly after the advent of Photography in France. SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. So long as it's objective, I'll remain so; where it's insulting and ignorant, I have difficulty not responding in kind. What would be said about an article that said something like, "In a display of stereotypical Muslim proclivity towards violence"? Log in to add a tag.

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Mkelly from the article to the talk page, where it belongs:.

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Trey Parker:America, Fuck Yeah Lyrics

Be politeand welcoming to new users Assume good faith Avoid personal attacks For disputes, seek dispute resolution Article policies. I believe this is clearer, as the previous sentence could be read as asserting that valium et al is actually a part of the "American way of life". Lyrics submitted by Bishopzs. On October 26th,FunnyJunk user LaResistance submitted a demotivational poster of a strikingly small escalator with the caption "America: Search query volume for the keywords "america fuck yeah" rose significantly in October ofthe same month Team America:

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