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It is a vaginal secretion produced by the vagina to facilitate in conception sperm now have more fluid to swim in to move closer to their target. Jacobs Hi there - I'm sorry to read that a night of love making and connection with your boyfriend ended in fear and doubt. That creamy white discharge you encounter during intercourse is produced when a woman has an orgasm. Yep, totally normal, you just haven't had occasion to notice how milky your cervical mucous gets at certain times in your cycle. February 20, Reply. FacebookTwitterRSS. I have had yeast infections before, but this fluid was not thick or mucous-like and I have had no symptoms regarding any sort of infection, sexually-transmitted or otherwise, and am in good health.

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Once you start observing it, I really think you will start noticing it a lot more.

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Is The White Liquid From Me Or Him?

Help - Google gives myriad results. However, when I recovered and removed my toy, it was covered, as was I, in a slick, thin, kind of milky white substance. What I'm attempting to ask, as my Google searches have yielded a range of results, is my white fluid ejaculate like the little clear fluid I have dribbled out? Is it cervical mucous that's normal? Totally normal, for some reference, this MeFi post linked to a site showing normal changes in cervical mucous.

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orgasm white liquid
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orgasm white liquid
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