Guitar lick pedal steel

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After the last lesson EP I did a search for Harmonized and this number was one of the gems that came up. Great lesson, as usual. I see the repetition of some important things in the lessons and I find it very helpful. Try it for FREE! All the lessons are really good, but this one seems to be extra well articulated for me. Hey Brian, that has really unlocked a lot of things finally after many years!

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I have seen the Beatles use this chord.

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Learn To Pick n' Slide!

Curious about the benefits of Premium Membership? I noticed you can stack 3rds and 6ths and play together using hybrid picking; not sure if that is useful yet. Specific settings on the pedal. Several classic pedal steel licks are also included. Looks like you are using the bridge pickup on your Tele. The A and B pedal, major and minor chords, the open and closed major scale through a repertoire of basic solos, intros, and licks.

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guitar lick pedal steel
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guitar lick pedal steel
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