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One part of the song also has how men should serve the Emperor by fighting, while women should do their duty by giving birth to sons. This kitchen is a man's world, since allegedly "Only a man can be a chef. Particularly callous since Polly is generally shown to be clever, more competent and ambitious than Ben, and because a big part of Polly's reason for hooking up with the Doctor in the first place was because in her real job she was being treated like an ignorant teamaid by sexist computer engineers. Among his people, biological necessity compels women with young children to dedicate their time entirely to the infant. B'Elanna, once she understands the reason for his prejudice, manages to challenge it in a non-confrontational but effective manner.

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Kurogane puts it best when he says, "You never know when she's rowing the boat or asleep at the oar.

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Stay in the Kitchen

By the end of the episode, he seems to have begun to respect Nefertiti's strong will, at least enough to take her with him back to hunting big game in his own time. Men hand out cigars. The housewife is considered the family priestess among them. Well, everyone except for Tom Sawyerbut he is overconfident in himself. This enforced ignorance means she's a sitting duck for the very man they wanted to protect her from. This lady is clearly a veg head. Played with in MegaTokyo with Erika, who is often offended by Largo and Junpei's attempts to "protect" her against her will—she is, after all, able to casually snap the arms of people who deserve it.

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girl without any clothes on kitchen
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girl without any clothes on kitchen
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