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If the behaviour continues, she suggests reiterating the professional nature of the platform and relationship. She disconnected from a man who asked to pay for her phone companionship, but could still see when he would look at her profile. Connectivity - reducing reliance on face-to-face interaction and using the new technologies to develop a wider sense of community. Here's my number if you wanna play," wrote Eichler, according to court filings. When Doe expressed interest in hearing more, the messages shifted from professional to not, she alleged.

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As for whether LinkedIn truly is an extension of the workplace - a place where under settled law an employer can be held responsible for the actions of an employee in the course of their duties - will be the subject of Los Angeles litigation.

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Have A Meeting Naked in a Sauna - and 8 More Workplace Tips

These themes are developed in a series of well researched chapters, including frequent case study references. She said multiple prospective candidates have asked her out on a date over LinkedIn, and she often gets flirty messages. McDonald, a South Carolina-based recruiter, runs her own business and spends the majority of her day messaging potential hires on the professional networking service. It's time to get radical - and the virtual workplace gives us the opportunity to liberate ourselves from those traditional and counter-productive restraints - such as: Initiative - having the courage to innovate and change Trust - moving from "how do I know they are working" to "How will I know I'm being productive" Joy - emphasising fun and fulfilment rather than workaholism Individuality - helping individuals to discover the workstyle that suits them best Equality - shedding status symbols, territoriality and needless hierarchy Dialogue - shedding office politics in favour of open communication Connectivity - reducing reliance on face-to-face interaction and using the new technologies to develop a wider sense of community Workplace Options - shedding the requirement for the commute to the corporate office, increasing choice of workplace and redesigning common work spaces.

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