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Scholars differed as to why the Prophet urinated standing as narrated by Hudhayfah. What does Islam say about this behavior? As for everyone else, unless you have been shot at by the Taliban, shut your mouth, war is hell. The Hadiths are not inspired, in fact it is because of Hadiths that Islam has become severely corrupted in many Islamic societies. The maximum punishments available under a Special Court Martial is one year of confinement, a two-thirds forfeiture of pay for one year, a reduction in rank to Private and a bad conduct discharge.

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We live in societies which claim to be clean and advanced, yet their toilets — the most basic of sanitary developments — are among the filthiest in the world.

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Nine American Soldiers Punished Over Quran Burning, Urinating On Taliban Corpses (VIDEO)

One pleaded guilty to urinating on a body, another to recording the video and posing for a photo with the men and another for lying to investigators over the video. Wa Salam Joe Bradford. Both internal and criminal investigations were concluded in March. Dana Loesch said in her " The Dana Show. It is a requirement in the current situation where we muslims mingle with non-muslims for us to show that Islam is a faith which talks about cleanliness to the highest levels. Within a day of the video's release, internal and criminal investigations were initiated by the Marine Corps. I have a major issue with regard to using the toilet.

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piss on dead muslims
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piss on dead muslims
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